Since 1986

Our humble beginnings~

Bali Isle~exotic ethnic tribal artwear~tm

Now Celebrating 33 years,
Bali isle is a Leader in Exotic ethnic&culturally inspired Bohemian fashions.
Starting out vending at local festivals in 1975 &still participate in today,we look back&see the amazing influence that we have had in our loving artistic community"Slo town"carrying on the culturally inspired Artwear of the World. Everything is Handmade&Blessed~
There were only a few stores back then~the rug maze,new dawn,back east,thin air,tho&lotus between sb&slo.scruz had oceania.traveling far&wide looking for the freshest in new&beautiful imported we have seen them come&seen them go.there are very few around actually.We are very Grateful to be still here after all these years. Please come in&shop to find your special new fashion statement,accessory or fabulous jewlry piece to compliment your special new look.
Please join us at our new fabulous websites where we are adding products 7days/week to serve&help you!~Blessings~WendyO:)